Amazon Music

Project Type



January '22
1 week


Adobe Suite


(AD) Morgan MacLachlan
(CBM) Nika Rahini
(CW) Joe Kuhns
(CW) Eli Reece
(ST) Zack Ackerman


In response to the evolving landscape of digital music consumption, our design sprint for Amazon Music aimed at enhancing the app's creator-centric features. Focused on empowering artists and fostering a dynamic connection between creators and listeners, our sprint delved into innovative solutions that created different thresholds of engagement.


The current state of Amazon Music's app lacks a robust framework to adequately spotlight and support music creators. The platform is not optimized to foster a direct and engaging connection between artists and their audience. As a result, many talented creators struggle to break through the digital noise, limiting their ability to connect with fans and grow their audience effectively. There is a pressing need for a more creator-focused approach that empowers artists, enhances their visibility, and facilitates a more interactive and dynamic experience for both creators and listeners.


To tackle the identified challenges, our design sprint proposes a holistic set of solutions for a transformative shift in how consumers interact with Amazon Music. Our vision includes artist-centric features such as personalized profiles, interactive content tools, and real-time engagement features. The solution integrates robust analytics, offering creators valuable insights. These changes aim to create a dynamic music ecosystem, promoting discovery and nurturing meaningful connections between creators and their audience, enhancing the overall Amazon Music experience.

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