Redefine Meat

Project Type



Fall '22
8 weeks


Adobe Suite


(AD) Lanie Vorwerk
(CW) Anthony Vacante

Setting the Table

3D-printed, plant-based meat, once considered a distant and futuristic idea, has emerged as an enticing solution to pressing concerns related to climate change, animal welfare, and dietary preferences. Today, in select avant-garde European restaurants, you can indulge in a steak crafted through this innovative process, priced at approximately $25 to $40. It not only mirrors the aroma, appearance, texture, and flavor of traditional meat but also offers a compelling response to these challenges. Are you ready to savor a bite from Redefine Meat?


Redefine Meat confronts a substantial challenge in the American market—an entrenched resistance to embracing vegan diets. Woven into cultural traditions, taste perceptions, practical obstacles, and nutritional concerns, this resistance symbolizes a larger hesitancy to alter familiar dietary habits. It not only hinders the acceptance of plant-based lifestyles but also stifles sustainable intervention, compromising our health, animal welfare, and the environment.


To address resistance faced by Redefine Meat, our project leverages 3D-printed plant-based meat alternatives, seamlessly integrating them into a user-friendly app. We aim to redefine the culinary landscape by tackling cultural, taste, practical, and nutritional concerns, making Redefine Meat's offerings accessible and appealing, sparking a positive shift towards embracing sustainable and flavorful plant-based alternatives in the American diet.


What is Redefine Meat's Product?

Redefine Meat's 3D-printed plant-based marvel, blending soy, pea proteins, chickpeas, beetroot, and coconut fats, authentically reimagines the meat experience. From tenderloins to sausages, this creation eliminates the need for quotation marks, delivering extraordinary vegan satisfaction without ethical compromise.

Why is It Important?

America's Hesitation to Adopt Veganism


- 19 million Americans live in food desert where access to grocery stores or a variety of healthy food
- These locations often have a high density of fast food restaurants and convenient stores with processed food
- There's a lack of nutritional literacy, time, or money


- While the majority of meat eaters consider veganism ethical and good for environment, they also consider it to be a difficult and tasteless diet where the benefits outweigh the costs
- Plenty also consider it to be an unhealthy diet due to a perceived lack of protein or essential nutrients such as B-12 vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids

Social Identity

- People develop habits and taste preferences
- People favor their ingroups over outgroups and are resistant to change for fear of ostracization (omnivorous majority vs. vegan minority)

Target Audience

To thrive in the American meat market, Redefine Meat must highlight 3D-printed meat benefits and dispel any perceptions of sacrifice associated with adopting a vegan diet. Targeting traditional meat enthusiasts risks dismissal, while solely focusing on vegans may limit traction. Our strategy is to appeal to flexitarians—open to plant-based alternatives. Recognizing them as influential advocates, we aim to position this group as key promoters of our culinary revolution.




Los Angeles, CA
- Maintains a balanced diet
- Loves cooking for her family
- Open to trying new things
- Suffers from iron deficiency
- Dotes on her son's health
- Wants to live sustainably



New York, NY
Fitness Instructor
- Treats her body like a temple
- Watches her calories & nutrition



Los Angeles, CA
Software Engineer
- Does his part to save the planet
- Struggles to give up meat

The Opportunity

How might we leverage Redefine Meat's innovative 3D printed product to design a persuasive system and solution that guides flexitarians towards a  regret-free departure from their traditional meat-eating habits?

The Main Course

Elevating Redefine Meat's Culinary Experience

To captivate and retain consumers, Redefine Meat must go beyond enticing them; it must showcase itself as not merely an alternative to meat but a superior choice. Achieving this entails establishing a benchmark for flavor and sensory experience, seamlessly aligning it with the product's inherent capabilities to disrupt consumer social norms and foster a paradigm shift.

You Are What You Eat / You Eat What You Are

3D printed meat, with its systemic infrastructure, offers a personalized approach to cater to personal nutritional needs. Whether reducing saturated fats for weight management or increasing iron intake for those anemic, this system empowers consumers to shape their personalized slice of meat, redefining the meat industry through innovation and sustainability.

Concept Map

Digital Experience

Customizing the User's Experience by Diet

This app can't achieve its true potential without learning about its user and their stats, goals, and dietary restrictions which will then allow it to recommend meat alterations using A.I.

An Interface Tucked in Grandma’s Recipe Box

The home page pays *homage* to the recipe list/stash your family would keep. Thumb through folders that have your profile, your family and friends, and, of course, the MEAT of the experience!

Inviting Guests and their Preferences

A feature of the app includes meal planning as many of us aren't cooking for just ourselves. Whether someone is a family member, a caretaker, or just hosting a dinner with friends and peers, our app allows an individual to create an event and invite attendees to amass their own nutritional cuts.

The Meat of Custom Innovation

Once you've sifted through cuts of meat and made your selections, you can go to your cart and begin assigning cuts of meat and tweaking them for any last minute requests. All there is to do now is pay and send it off to the printers.

Collecting the Goods

As you wait for your print to finish, you can continue shopping, per usual. When you come back, you'll be treated to your own personal cut of meat--one as unique as you. The packaging will denote which cut's which to avoid confusion, and going further each cut will have personalized branding.